Justine Smolinsky

Justine Smolinsky is the visionary behind the work of Glam Garden Designs. As an artist, Justine always focused on color and movement in her paintings. Her passion came to life when she started working in the floral business ten years ago. She truly found her calling. She set forth on a journey to create her own floral design company and Glam Garden Designs was born.  

The focus of Glam Garden is to design romantic, whimsical and organically inspired floral arrangements. Justine works, as an artist, to create florals for weddings, special events, restaurants, local businesses and any occasion. Justine is always gathering inspiration from nature. Using this valiant resource, she allows the changing seasons to guide her design as she uses locally sourced flowers and foliage in the area. Justine believes that floral design is an art form and her goal is to make each arrangement unique and inspiring. When asked to described her work, Justine states, “I love the movement of flowers. Letting the flowers and foliage fall where they may, moments of fluttering, moments of other flowers peeking through, bringing each arrangement to life in movement.” She looks forward to getting to know her clients as she helps them create the floral designs for the wedding or event of their dreams.