Designers choice weddings:

What is a designers choice wedding? A designers choice wedding uses only seasonal flowers and foliage that is available at the time of your wedding. If you choose a designers choice wedding you will receive a 10% discount off of the entire cost of your wedding. What will you need to provide when inquiring about a designers choice wedding? You will need to provide number of bouquets, boutonnieres and any other person in your party that would like a boutonniere or corsage. Number of centerpieces, if you would like an altar and all other flower needs you have. You will also need to provide the colors you would like for your wedding and whether you want a more traditional/elegant style or a more natural/whimsical style and that’s it! Please do not send any photos or a pinterest board. A designers choice wedding means you trust the designers skill and style and you leave it up to them to design the wedding of your dreams.

What is the benefit of a designers choice wedding? Well, besides the discount this could mean having very unique flowers for your wedding, maybe something that you would not have chosen but something that only a designer would know to use! Choosing this option is for people who are less caring about the flowers, knowing and trusting in your floral designer’s experience. Basically, it’s a lot less planning and stressing for the bride and allowing our design team to get creative and really use nature as our inspiration!

What should you expect after providing all the details of your wedding? You should expect a phone conversation or two, some back and forth emails, a thorough proposal describing all the flowers that will be used as well as the cost of each item, a contract signature and a deposit (half of your total wedding). After all of this, your wedding date will be held.

Please contact for all inquiries